By Master Cutter, Jay Ruckel

At the ideal Debutante outing, there is no substitute for above-the-elbow, white leather gloves. These traditional staples have been the aristocrats of glovedom since 1870, when Archibald Gracie King first rented Delmonico's Ballroom to launch his daughter into New York Society.

Jay Ruckel has crafted leather gloves for Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, First Ladies Laura and Barbara Bush, Princess Yasmina Khan, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer in The Age of Innocence , Kate Winslet in The Titanic and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman . He has custom-fitted debutantes with proper Handwear since 1973.

Our opera-length Deb Gloves are hand-cut to specification by the last master table-cutter remaining in the United States . We must scour the world to find pure white leather whenever it becomes available, and our tanner informs us that only one skin in 30,000 is virtually pristine enough for these gloves. Three buttons at the wrist ensure a tailored fit, and fingers are sewn in superior half-pique stitching.

We encourage proper care of all Debutante Gloves. After removing, pull each finger and the thumb back in shape and press the gloves flat with your own hand warmth. A little powder in the unlined gloves will make them easier to get on and off. Always wrap them in a clean cloth, such as a pillow case, for long term storage and avoid foods if possible. Gentle rubbing with lighter fluid or a fresh rubber eraser should remove most unwanted surface dirt.

Enjoy your gloves after the Ball by wearing them pushed down to below the elbow with your favorite winter outfit.