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Nails 4 Queens - Ava Fierce

Nails 4 Queens - Ava Fierce

Ava Fierce is a teenage entrepreneur!  Her love of Drag has led to owning her own burgeoning business, Nails 4 Queens. Wing & Weft Gloves is beyond thrilled to provide high quality, sized for all Queens, Made in NYC gloves for Ava to better serve her beloved clients.

Her talent astounds, but even more impressive is how Ava inspires as an altruistic ambassador of the LGBTQ youth community. Since her first profit, she has continually made donations to a local Youth LGBTQ Center. Her mark on the world expands to touch on another issue affecting youth today - bullying.  Ava stands as an example of going high (not just in cheer leading!) and lifting others with her as she soars. We are invested in her journey, and can't wait for you to be sparked by her light.  

Ava's products range from nails to nail gloves, in an assortment of colors and sparkles! Follow her on Instagram @nails.4.queens

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Ratio Et Motus

Ratio Et Motus

Ratio et Motus pic.png

RATIO ET MOTUS - "Sense and Emotion" in Latin. 

Inspired by women they love, cherish and respect. 

An accessory collection that embodies classic shapes with a modern twist.  

Sustainably sourced

Designed in New York

Handbags Made in Italy.

Gloves Made in New York.

Follow them on Instagram @ratioetmotus

Olga Papkovitch is a local designer who prints her fun, flowery designs on the fabric she uses to create her products. She is the CEO and Founder, Editor in Chief, Designer and Artist of PopImpressKA Journal, Art Collection and Brand.

Follow her on Instagram @popimpresska

This opera-length stretch matte glove in her flower print is available for purchase here.

Tropical Rob

Tropical Rob

Follow him on Instagram @tropicalrob2

His outrageously fun gloves are available for purchase here

Tropical Rob

"Robert Hurlbut is the neon-loving mastermind behind the aptly-named Tropical Rob, a surreal, genderfluid ("sometimes I wear my slip dresses out") fashion line that draws inspiration from cultural icons as disparate as The Spice Girls and Dr. Seuss. Already counting Baddie Winkle and some of downtown NYC's coolest kids as huge fans, Hurlbut is bringing an in-your-face splash of much-needed color to the streets of New York via his playful illustrated prints, floaty silhouettes and 90s kid cultural references..."                          - Sandra Sung in Paper Mag

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