Wing + Weft Co-founder Katie Sue Nicklos & Lacrasia Duchein of Lacrasia Gloves

Wing + Weft Co-founder Katie Sue Nicklos & Lacrasia Duchein of Lacrasia Gloves

Passing The GAUNTLET

In 2017 Jay Ruckel and Lacrasia Duchein of Lacrasia Gloves were pleased to announce a plan to carry their exclusive glove business into the future. With retirement in mind, they passed the gauntlet to trusted colleagues, a well-known team of industry professionals. Principals Katie Sue Nicklos (KTSUdesigns and Tan Line-Minimizing Sports Gear) Sarah Timberlake (costumer, Timberlake Studios, Inc.) who will keep Lacrasia Gloves craft alive under Wing & Weft Gloves.

A History of Craftsmanship

Since 1973 Jay and Lacrasia have been making gloves “the way Shakespeare’s daddy made [them]” in their factory/shop in the Garment District. In an era of overseas manufacturing and fast fashion, Lacrasia Gloves is the final remaining glove maker in New York. Everyone from debutantes and Broadway designers to stylists and celebrities rely on the hand-crafted precision of a pair of Lacrasia Gloves.

“As theatrical costumers, Sarah and I have been loyal clients of Lacrasia Gloves for many years,” said Nicklos. “To continue this unique service in New York City’s Garment District is a gift.”  

Jay and Lacrasia will step into the next stage of their glove careers knowing that Sarah and Katie Sue recognize the value of keeping this time-honored craft alive and share the passion to see bespoke gloves remain a part of the fashion and performance industries.

A Future That Honors The Past

While keeping the time-honored craft alive, Wing & Weft Gloves will bring the Lacrasia social media presence, ordering system, and inventory selection into the 21st century to better serve a diverse clientele. Jay will remain with Wing & Weft Gloves as the Master Cutter, producing the finest bespoke gloves available. He will apprentice a new master cutter in the same historical methods he learned from the masters in Gloversville, NY more than 40 years ago. Lacrasia will remain available as a consultant.