Wing & Weft Gloves now offers these new services for their fashion and theatrical families.


Space Rental

Rental of private space (approximately 290 square feet) within Wing & Weft Gloves. The space is ideal for a show rental - with shelves, mirror and changing area to accommodate fittings and organizing. We support our theatrical community, and hope that you’ll find inspiration in our glove factory right in the heart of the Garment Center!

Rental is available hourly, daily and weekly

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Cutting Service

We are so happy to have our very own Schwabe clicker with our own cutting specialist, Josh.

Josh has 10 years of experience cutting leather and fabrics, and we know he's the right person to do your cutting precisely because he cuts our bulk gloves like a champion!


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Editorial and Rental Pulls

We have the largest selection of leather and fabric gloves in the United States.  All of our gloves are available for editorial and rental pulls.  



Wing & Weft Gloves is the only glove factory in New York City's Garment Center. Our mission is to preserve and nurture craftsmanship in the United States. We are a small, women-owned business and we strongly support other small businesses, start-ups, new designers, and students. We want to make your glove-related dreams come true!

We are proud to have produced gloves for the Theatre, Film, Drag, and Fashion communities for over 40 years. Every glove you purchase sustains our legacy.

We work on any scale. Wing & Weft has made a single pair of gloves for a student putting together their first collection, over two dozen pairs in less than a week for a runway show, hundreds of identical pairs for a medical technology company... if you are looking for someone to sew gloves for you for any reason, we are your factory! 

We glove you!



If you've been thinking about how amazing it would be to design a glove line, you have clicked to the exact place!

We are incredibly proud to offer an affordable path for designers to develop American-made gloves. From leather and fur to neoprene and stretch vinyl, our production specialists will assist you every step of the way, even if you have no experience in small batch manufacturing. 

We have no minimums, tiered pricing, and add-on services to help you achieve your glove goals. 

We love developing your ideas into reality, and ultimately, spreading the craft of the glove.  Here's how you can get started:


Design Consultation

The first step to a great glove line is design  Hash out as much as you can before your first consultation with us.  What materials would you like to use? What design features do you envision making your glove unique?

Prototype pricing begins at $375 and includes one size pattern creation and first sample pair of gloves.  This price increases based on detailing and technical features of the glove. We ask for 3 weeks production time.

If you can arrive with a technical sketch, you'll be ahead of the curve.  When you're ready, call us at 212-686-5428 to schedule a design consultation with Katie Sue. 


Sourcing - be a step ahead

We suggest that you source and bring to us the materials you'd like to use.  Bringing us swatches of prospective materials is advised before purchasing to make sure they are suitable for gloves.

We have a swatching service if you have the budget for us to do the legwork.  We're happy to point you in the right direction for no charge as part of the initial design consultation.

glove network

Once you're ready to unleash your designs on the world, you will have our full support for catapulting sales!  We'll feature you in Designers We Glove, and promote you as you wish across our social platforms. 

The more glove you spread, the more glove we are able to create - and nothing can make us happier.

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