Wing & Weft Gloves now offers these new services for their fashion and theatrical families.


Space Rental

Rental of private space (approximately 290 square feet) within Wing & Weft Gloves. The space is ideal for a show rental - with shelves, mirror and changing area to accommodate fittings and organizing. We support our theatrical community, and hope that you’ll find inspiration in our glove factory right in the heart of the Garment Center!

Rental is available hourly, daily and weekly

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Cutting Service

We are so happy to have our very own Schwabe clicker with our own cutting specialist, Josh.

Josh has 10 years of experience cutting leather and fabrics, and we know he's the right person to do your cutting precisely because he cuts our bulk gloves like a champion!


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Editorial and Rental Pulls

We have the largest selection of leather and fabric gloves in the United States.  All of our gloves are available for editorial and rental pulls.